“If you build it [they] will come,”

This legendary line from the movie Field of Dreams captures the essence of the Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

The Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy is all about dreams – yours and mine.  When I was your age, I could not have imagined that people my age would still be dreaming about the future. But, we do – all  the time.  It was this dream that led to a proposal to Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan, a very generous philanthropist, to fund the Martin and Melva Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy.

Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan’s imagination and spirit of generosity were sparked by our vision of an academy for high school students, like you, who are passionate about STEM and the Arts and Humanity.  For students, like you, who are ready to start their university careers well before the typical high school student.  Because of her belief in the need for such an academy Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan has made possible scholarships for students admitted and enrolled in the Bucksbaum Academy.

Our standards for enrollment in the academy are high because that is what people expect from the Belin-Blank Center, where we focus on inspiring potential and developing talent.  Our standards are high because students, like you, have demonstrated that you will match high standards with high performance. When the environment is created for students to be successful, they will.

This first message is my invitation to you to start shaping your future by dreaming big. I am inviting you to build upon my dream for such an academy and start shaping your own dreams and futures.

By the way, Field of Dreams was filmed in Iowa and another famous exchange concerns the state:  “Is this Heaven?”  “No, it’s Iowa.”  You will find that the University of Iowa’s Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy, which is part of the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development is a place where you can dream big, share your dreams with others, and truly be the architect of your future through our uniquely designed academy.

I can’t wait to meet you and to see what you are going to build for your future – and for mine!

Susan Assouline, Ph.D.
Director, Belin-Blank Center
Myron & Jacqueline Blank Professor of Gifted Education;
Professor of School Psychology, Department of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations


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