The Academy Hosts Its First Salon On Noble Failure

By Brady Farmer, Kolten Hagens, Austin Henderson, Phuc Lee, Max Salinger, Henry Sharpe, Devyn Stewart, Ava Stipanovich, Juan Tello, and Bryanna Thumma

This fall, the University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center welcomed its first class of Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy students.   The long-term development and success of these students is very important to the Center, and toward that end, we have designed a series of salons around meaningful subjects like noble failure, wonder, and humility.  These conversations take place around a dinner table and include perspectives from our University and Iowa City communities.  

Our first salon took place on Monday (11/7), 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm, in the North Room of the Iowa Memorial Union.  The topic was noble failure, with each student being paired with an invited guest. The following are a few student reflections on what they learned:

Joe Sulentic, (lecturer, Tippie College of Business)joe-devyn-salon-1

The wonderful person I had the pleasure of conversing with was Joe Sulentic. He is a businessman and professor, and his life experiences all had a type of common theme. Throughout his life of traveling the world, racing cars, and doing business, he never failed to seize an opportunity. He would talk about his failures as if they were the best things to ever happen to him. He said that attending UCLA after failing to get accepted to any Ivy League schools made him into the man that he is today, and the rest of his stories followed suit. He talked about how much he loved racing cars in Italy after being denied a trip to Germany. And he talked about how many times in his life he had no idea how to keep moving forward and always managed to be better off than he was before. All in all, Joe sure knew how to make the best of a bad situation.

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